At 45R, we are known for the variety of garments we offer in indigo or Ai-dye.

All of our indigo-dyed garments are yarn dyed, not garment dyed, in order to achieve a rich dark blue color. Indigo-dyed items fade beautifully over time, and our denim products dyed with indigo age especially well with a high contrast between the blue dye and the white of the yarn.


When we refer to Ai-dyed items, we are talking about a Japanese natural plant dye. This is 45R's signature color - Ai-indigo. We are fascinated by Ai-indigo for its ability to create millions of expressions.

Garments which are Ai-dyed at 45R are always yarn-dyed by hand. For example, with Ai-dyed denim, the skins of yarn are dyed twice a day for two weeks using 100% all natural Ai-indigo to achieve their fullest color.


Ai-dyed garments tend not to fade in the same way that synthetic indigo items do. The same for Ai-dyed indigo denim. Unlike the synthetic indigo which does not penetrate the fibers but sits on top, each yarn is deeply dyed into its core. Therefore, the denim fades consistently over a long period of time instead of showing high contrast fading in a short span that is particular to denim rope-dyed with synthetic indigo. Even our casual denim designs, the deep dark purplish Ai-blue gives an elegant and classy impression. Our denim makes you look up and stand straight. This is a denim for anyone who is looking for something much more than ordinary.


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